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Our research aims to reveal mechano-biological mechanisms by which physiotherapy (tendon mechanical loading) — independently or in combination with biologic agents — can promote healing of tendinopathies. We predict that a detailed understanding of this mechanism will translate into changes in clinical practice which can directly benefit the increasing population of individuals with pathologic heel, elbow and shoulder tendons.

Our primary research focus areas include:

  • Tendinopathy and mechano-biology
  • Quantifying tendon integrity using ultrasonography
  • Applications of machine learning to orthopedic imaging
  • Muscle-tendon interactions (eccentric loading)
  • Reproductive biomechanics

We perform research at the interfaces of tissue biomechanics, imaging, and biology, often with a theme of "Regenerative Rehabilitation." Our projects are rooted in our collaborations with other scientists within and outside of VT, as well as with clinical faculty. Our group is part of Virginia Tech’s IGEP/Regenerative Medicine Program (

Ongoing projects include:

  • In vivo approaches to examine mechanisms of tendinopathy
  • In vivo assessment of therapeutics (mechanical and/or biologic) for healing of tendinopathy