News and Updates

News and Updates

August, 2019

July, 2019    

  • Hearty congrats to Chitra on passing the SBES Ph.D. qualifier exam!
  • The lab received a VCOM REAP grant to pursue the application of focused ultrasound (FUS) to tendon injuries

June, 2019

  • Our excellent collaborator, Dr. Anna Plaas, presented Sabah’s hyaluronidase study at the International Society for Hyaluronan Sciences meeting in Cardiff, UK          
  • Vincent served as an ad hoc member on NIH SBSR & Musculoskeletal, Rehabilitation and Skin Sciences fellowship grant review panels

May, 2019

  • Congratulations, Brooke and Maxine, on graduating from the ESM program!
  • We are pleased to welcome our new summer students, Logan and Akaela

April, 2019 

  • Professors Wang, Kozar, Feng, and Huang have been awarded a 2-year grant from the Virginia Tech ICTAS (Targeted Opportunity for Proposals, TOP) to pursue a project on Data Mining via Machine Learning for the Analysis of Tendon Ultrasound Images
  • Sabah Rezvani was awarded 2nd place for the student poster competition  at the 3rd Annual Virginia Tech Muscle Symposium on April 27, 2019

March, 2019

  • Wang and Huang have been awarded a pilot grant by the Virginia Tech Data & Decisions Destination Area to pursue development of a Machine Learning Tool for Analysis of Tendon Ultrasound Images

February, 2019

January, 2019

November, 2018

October, 2018

  • Sabah and Zach presented posters, and Vincent served as Track Co-Chair (Orthopedics and Rehabilitation) at the BMES meeting in Atlanta

September, 2018

  • We are pleased to welcome Kierstin Jenne (senior, BSE major) to the lab!
  • Our manuscript, “Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Tendons and Ligaments at Ultra-High Magnetic Fields” has been accepted for publication in Critical Reviews in Biomedical Engineering

August, 2018

  • We are pleased to welcome Chitra Meduri (first year Ph.D. student) to the lab!

July, 2018

  • Morgan and Zach presented posters at the VT Summer Research Symposium, organized by the Office of Undergraduate Research

June, 2018

  • We are pleased to welcome Sindy Hou (master’s degree candidate in ESM) to the lab!

May, 2018

  • Graduating senior, Daniel, is featured in VTNews!
  • The lab welcomes new undergrad research assistants Taylor Kerr and Morgan Herrera (REU fellow)!

April, 2018

February, 2018

  • Vincent will be co-directing the BEAM summer REU program.  The application deadline is March 2. Interested undergraduates, please apply!

January, 2018

  • The lab welcomes new undergrad research assistants Brooke Suesser, Veronica Martin, and Lindsey Richardson!
  • Katie’s manuscript “TGF-b1 or Hypoxia enhance glucose metabolism and lactate production via HIF1A Signaling in tendon cells” has been accepted for publication  in Connective Tissue Research.  Congrats!

October, 2017

  • Sabah presented his in vivo muscle loading project at the IGEP-RMForum at VetMed
  • Sabah and Daniel each presented posters at the 2017 BMES conference in Phoenix.  Great job representing the lab and our department!
  • Vincent moderated the “Injury Biomechanics II” session at the BMES conference

August, 2017

  • The lab welcomes new undergrad research assistants Joel Neifert, Ed Jacobs, and Maxine Kastriner!

July, 2017

  • The lab receives a Research Eureka Accelerator Program (REAP) award from VCOM/ICTAS to pursue ultrasound shear wave elastography studies of muscle and tendon

June, 2017

  • The lab welcomes new undergrad research assistants Emma Stowe, Alex Milowsky, Colleen Valentine, and Zach Kozar as well as our NSF RET fellow Mark England!
  • We are grateful to Coloplast Corporation for funding our first study in the area of reproductive biomechanics, in collaboration with departmental colleague Raffaella De Vita
  • Our project on eccentric muscle loading for treating tendinopathy was selected for funding by the VCOM Center for One Health Research

February, 2017

January, 2017

  • The lab welcomes our new undergrad researcher, Alexandra Groen!

October, 2016

September, 2016

  • The lab welcomes our new Ph.D. student, Sabah Rezvani!

August, 2016

July, 2016

  • Hana and Shaunna concluded their summer research projects and presented posters at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Hana was selected as the REU program’s representative in the Showcase Podium Session!  (please visit our gallery for photos)

June, 2016

  • Hearty congratulations to Katie Trella, who successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis!
  • The lab welcomes Shaunna Young, a NSF RET fellow from William Fleming High School

May, 2016

  • The lab welcomes Hana Chan, a NSF REU student from Case Western University
  • Kristen presented a poster at the SBES Research Symposium at Wake Forest on May 11

April, 2016

  • Vincent presented an overview of the lab’s research at the inaugural Virginia Tech-Carilion Muscle Symposium on April 14
  • Along with the Queen and Socha labs within BEAM, we participated in National Biomechanics Day on April 7

March, 2016

  • Katie gave a podium talk and presented a poster at the ORS meeting in Orlando

January, 2016

  • The lab welcomes new members Daniel Surinach and Ellen Hammett

October, 2015

  • Katie presents a podium talk at the BMES meeting

August, 2015


  • Vincent joins the BEAM Department at Virginia Tech
    The lab welcomes its first members, Kristen Hulbert and Connor Herron