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About the Lab

About the Lab

Musculoskeletal soft tissues such as tendon, ligament, muscle, and cartilage are composite biological structures that serve vital mechanical functions during activities of daily living.

Ongoing research investigations can be broadly categorized as follows:

  • Quantifying structure-function relationships in tendon using knockout mice and injury models
  • In vivo┬ástudies of tendon injury and healing
  • Developing integrative approaches to examine muscle-tendon interactions
  • Development and application of non-invasive imaging techniques for quantitative assessment of tissue integrity

Our primary research interests include:

  • Tendinopathy and mechano-biology
  • Quantifying tendon integrity using ultrasonography
  • Muscle-tendon interactions (eccentric loading)
  • Reproductive biomechanics
  • Applications of machine learning to orthopedic imaging